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What do you always pack for a trip?

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Tonight I’m leaving for Paris (here’s my packing listThe same as last year.), and I realized there are four things I bring on every trip…

* A funny book. I used accidentally to pack Sad booksThen walk around in a cloud if malaise! Now, I always choose comedic books. If you’re looking for one, I’d highly recommend the new Good MaterialDolly Alderton

* Packing cubes. After The Year of the DogAfter hearing my friends rave about these, I tried them and was converted. All your underwear in one cube, socks in another, pajamas in a third… so satisfying! I’ll never go back to just mashing everything into a suitcase.

* Fancy mini shampoo. I always use a carry-on, so since I can’t bring a regular sized perfume, I treated myself to a Travel-sized shampooThat smells incredible. It is so refreshing to arrive at the Airbnb, take a bath, and feel so clean and refreshed after a long journey.

* Black ballet flats. You can slip them into your suitcase or even purse, since they’re so flat, and then wear them with anything — dresses, skirts, jeans, with socks in the winter. (See sock example Here is a link to the article!) I scored these Loeffler Randall flatsI like the sale price, but I also enjoy These cutiesThe following are some examples of how to get started: These velvet ones.

What do you bring with you on vacations? Please share below… oh, and of course, Portable chargers!

P.S. The best part about vacations?, Enjoying family travel, what’s your #1 travel tip?

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