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The Best Valentine’s Day gifts to spoil your S.O.

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Not to start things off on a negative note (it’s the season of love, after all), but is there a more polarizing holiday than Valentine’s Day? Some of us are all-in when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Show a little affection to those around usIt is tempting to dismiss the holiday as a clever marketing strategy. I’ll be straight with you—I used to fall into the latter category of V-day dissenters. However, as I’ve gotten older and made a concerted effort to look at things from a Fresher perspective, I’ve learned to welcome every part of the holiday with an open heart. Of course, that includes Valentine’s Day gifts as well.

Whether you’re in a new relationship, have been with your partner for years, want to shower your friends with a little love, or treat yourself to something special, our guide to th ebest Valentine’s Day gifts has you covered. If you’re at a loss for what to get or just need a little inspiration, scroll on for all the gift ideas you could ever need.

Featured image by Riley Blanks Reed.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts to Spoil Your S.O.

When I was a teenager, I love languages are more on the words of affirmation and physical touch side of things, I’ll never pass up the chance to give someone a little something to make them smile. If you want to give me a box of chocolate, I’ll happily accept. If you’d prefer a bouquet of fresh flowers, I love to fill my home with them. But by 2024 things have changed. No longer are sweets and flowers the only options. Instead, we’ve collectively expanded our idea of what counts as a romantic gift. A collection of poetry? Even the most reluctant reader will be inspired by this book. The Best coffee you’ve ever had delivered to your door? Subscribe and sign up. Subscribe to our newsletter Sweet scarfWhat pair goes with every outfit? Add to cart.

In our world of constant zeitgeist shifts and a constant cycle of trends, everything is possible. If that sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Ahead are the most unique and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts that’ll make anyone’s holiday special.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Daily Drills Oversized Fleece Crew

For the cool girl you know. The entire Camille Styles team lauds Daily Drills’ loungewear as the comfiest—and chicest—around. Trust us: she’ll never want to take this off. And yes, it can be worn well past Valentine’s Day.

Daily Drills Unisex fleece Joggers

Because her favorite top deserves the perfect joggers. These are the ultimate in joggers. They’re roomy but still flattering. Work-from-home clothing. OOTD, done and dusted—and she’ll love the set so much, she’ll be tempted to wear it to your V-Day date.

Copper Peptide Eye Masks with Live Tinted Rays

If you’ve just started dating or are looking to gift your friends something sweet, I love a fun little beauty present to inspire a moment of self-care. Layered with a triple complex of copper peptides, banana extract, and bakuchiol (retinol’s buzzy, natural alternative), these cooling eye masks are the ultimate pick-me-up. Bonus: They’re perfect for a self-care selfie.

The Coffee Ritual Bundle

For the girl who is always making things a ritual. (Hi, it’s us.) This beautifully-packaged bundle includes everything she’ll need to romanticize her morning cup. A bag of Finca Los Rodriguez beans, a handcrafted coffee scoop, and a pair of our favorite hand-thrown mugs—so you can enjoy a cup as well.

Marianne Scarf

Is there anything more romantic than receiving a gorgeous gift from Sézane? (A hint to everyone who plans to buy me a V-Day gift—No,It is definitely not. This baby alpaca scarlet is made in Italy and will add a touch of class to any outfit. The look is even more chic when paired up with the Matching hat. If she doesn’t love pink, she has a range of color options to choose from.

Round Topaz Hoops

For me, Valentine’s Day is all about soaking up life’s little luxuries—and dainty jewelry is my fave. These sweet hoops, made of 18k gold vermeil with white topaz are stunning on their own or in a coordinated earring stack.

Drew Bone Small Recycled vegan Top Handle Bag

Sure—“ludicrously capacious” bags may be trending once again, but I’d argue that a small top handle bag is always in style. (And truthfully, I’d rather carry the latter than a giant tote to dinner.) And because I’ve decided it’s time I stop breaking my back lugging around all my belongings at once, this vegan leather bag was number one on my list. If you, or your S.O. are committed to streamlining things as well, this is the stylish carryall that’ll make it happen. It can hold your phone, wallet and keys. Translation: everything you’ll ever need.

Dream Lip Oil

After seeing all the influencers gushing about this high-shine lipstick oil, I bought myself a tube. (Spoiler: I’m going back for every single shade.) My medicine cabinet has a never ending rotation of lipsticks. glosses and stains. But this is now my favorite. Think moisturizing, without the stickiness. Beyond their appearance, these oils are incredibly nourishing for your pout. Soft and smooth lips. A must-have for Valentine’s Day

14K Gold Diamond Letter Bracelet

Classic, yet contemporary. If you’re going for a gift that’s sure to be treasured by its recipient, this bracelet is a surefire bet. Designed in 14K gold, this simple (but *sparkly*) bracelet will be the focal point of any outfit it adorns.

Intelligent Change Spark Romance Bundle

This set of conversation cards and affirmation cards is perfect for those who are always curious and love to spend quality time. Perfect for your date night.

7 Days of Mindfulness puzzle Set

This puzzle set was one of my favorite purchases from the previous year. Each puzzle has 70 pieces which add up to an abstract print. It’s so soothing to complete one or all of the puzzles, giving you that little boost of serotonin. (Hello task completion!)

OUAI Melrose Place Eau de Parfum

I collect perfumes but when I need to, this is the scent that I reach for. The top notes of rose are beautifully complemented by hints of cedar-wood and white musk. Translation: this perfume is floral without being overwhelming so, making it a great everyday fragrance that’s special enough for a night out.

Pack it All Multi-Purpose Hinge Travel Bag

I’m quick to write off another celebrity or creator-founded beauty brand, but DEZI Skin is my new obsession. Helmed my beauty and fashion icon, Desi PerkinsThe brand creates beautiful, inclusive formulations responsibly sourced from Mexico. This sleek, streamlined design has stopped my search for the perfect travel-sized skincare bag. If you want your S.O. Fill it with the Destination Dezi travel kit—a trio of the brand’s hero products.

Harley Lingerie Set

One of my goals for 2024 is to dig deeper into my own beliefs. feminine energy. This transformation occurs more in an abstract than physical sense. You can also find out more aboutStill embracing the confidence that comes along with upgrading my underwear. Kat the Label is my favorite brand for affordable sleepwear and lingerie—and what’s sexier than hot pink for V-Day? (I have this set also in black and love it!)

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Nellie Duffle

If you’re waiting for him to finally suggest going on a weekend getaway, this duffle will sweeten the deal. Its water-resistant duck canvas exterior makes it durable enough for any adventure. It’s perfectly practical (re: designed with room enough for the over-packer he is) and timelessly stylish. Consider this duffle as the ultimate investment for his travel arsenal.

Men’s Wicked Good Moccasins

As all New Englanders know, when something is “wicked” good, it’s an immediate yes. These moccasins slippers are proof that they’re “wicked” good. My dad can attest to their durable comfort—he’s had his for years. Every pair of boots is lined with shearling for comfort in cold weather. Trust me: there’s no harm in matching and picking them up for yourself.

Tablet Library Set of Six

Your standard chocolate box, reimagined. While we all enjoy a sweet treat, these go a step beyond. If you’re lucky enough to have a friend who just came back Hawai’i, it’s likely you’ve sampled the deliciousness that is Koho Chocolate. Each bar is a wonderful nuance, highlighting the careful ingredient sourcing as well as thoughtful production. My favorite is the Hawaiian Macadamia & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, but with this variety pack, you won’t have to choose. (And hopefully, you’ll be able to share with your Valentine.)

Spice Rack

Spoiler: I preemptively presented my partner with this bundle of finishing salts and spices, and… he can’t get enough. Seriously—this was just last week and he’s about halfway through each jar. He loves the Chef’s All Purpose Spice for seasoning meat (I’ve already benefited from both burgers and chicken) and the Citrus Chili Finishing Salt is perfect on avocado and eggs. But the possibilities are endless.

The Trio of Knives

It’s a rite of passage for every adult: you need a good set of knives. And no—you don’t have to shell out major $$ for the right set. Material understands that intentional design is key to a well-stocked and organized kitchen. That’s why the brand pared down to the essentials. An 8″ chef’s knife, 4″ paring knife, and serrated 6″ knife is all any pro or aspiring home chef needs.

The Creative Act by Rick Rubin

Ask anyone on the Camille Styles team—we’ve all devoured this book. With insight on what it means to live a consistently creative life, it’s the perfect read for anyone looking to connect more intentionally with their everyday rituals and routines. Our copies are fully marked up, and it’s a title we return to whenever we could use a little more inspiration.

UO Short Knit Beanie

Because winter ain’t over yet, and we could all use something stylish to keep us warm. A classic beanie will look cute on anyone—and I’ve been known to swoon over this short-roll style. (Honestly, it’s universally flattering. So much so, you’ll be tempted to steal it for yourself.)

Kombucha Making Kit

Brittany, Camille Styles’ Content Marketing Director is well-versed on the subject of homemade kombucha. (Her kombucha cocktailsThey are amazing. While the process can be trying at times, it’s one that this kit helps you do together. Quality time!

The Dog Father Embroidered Cap

Can I just say this cap speaks for itself. All the best dog dad hats are great.

Maldon Smoked Salt

There’s little that isn’t made better by a sprinkling of good sea salt. Maldon is a classic, but this smoked sea salt amplifies the flavor. Pair it with the following to make it extra special ceramic salt cellar.

Cutting Board Set

Cutting boards that he can depend on are essential, just like a good knife set. This set gives you a choice for every possible cutting and dicing need. These will be a favorite in his kitchen for many years to come. (Psst… our link gets you 10% off!)

Birkenstock Boston Clogs

These classic clogs sit at the intersection of style and comfort—and everyone needs a pair. These clogs can be worn for errands and coffee runs, or whenever he wants something he can slip on. They’ll quickly become his favorite.


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