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Messages from My Dog | Cup of Jo

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My dog gets two square meals a day of nutritious kibble, plus a never-ending parade of freeze-dried treats, Dentastix and tidbits of our food. You would think that we are starving our dog if you saw us on a stroll. I never realized just how much loose trash is on our streets until I found myself pulling various choking hazards out of his mouth — chicken bones (always chicken bones!! Where are they from? Who eats all this chicken??We have eaten frozen bread, rotting chicken thighs, and even an entire raw chicken thigh. Currently, we are under a foot of snow. This means that a lot of our walks involve guessing whether or not he is digging for frozen trash or is just sniffing out something mysterious beyond my limited human senses. I love my dog a lot, but he has a bad habit of gnawing at our couch.


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