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How to Romanticize your Cleaning Routine

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What isn’t made better by a routine? With a little mental tweaking, even the most mundane and monotonous tasks can become something to look forward too. (And, ofcourse, a few built in rewards along the journey.) That’s why we love the concept of romanticizing Everything is better with a little helpYou can make a difference in your life. From your Wake-up call to those sacred morning minutes spent sipping your coffee—everything is made better and brighter with a romantic twist. Even your cleaning routine.

If you find yourself putting the task off until Sunday, you’re in good company. And while I’ve always loved the idea of a total Sunday reset—and regularly practice one myself—I’ve found over the years that leaving everything until the end of the week isn’t a solid way to spark joy. Incite a melting down is more accurate. Instead, I’ve learned to sprinkle in small tasks throughout the week as a way to make life a little easier—and help my home sparkle more.

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How to Romanticize your Cleaning Routine

The benefits of changing my cleaning routine go beyond a cleaner house. By weaving smaller, more consistent “tidy-ups” into my week, I’ve learned to embrace cleaning as less of a chore and instead something to honor myself and my space. I believe that, along with habits that are good for our bodies and minds, caring for ourselves requires us to show our self-love within our homes.

So, as we begin transitioning into spring cleaning season, I’d argue it’s time we learn to Enjoy the love of your lifeCleaning routines Too much? Just wait—I guarantee these tips will have you looking forward to your tidy-up time, too. Allison Evans, the co-founder of cult cleaning brand, shared her cleaning tips with me. Branch Basics. Here we will discuss ways to deal with the mess in your home and how this can make you happier.

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Allison Evans

Allison Evans, co-founder of Branch Basics and a proponent of clean living, has made it her mission to help others reap the rewards. Removing toxins and mold from her home and her diet helped her overcome severe PCOS symptoms and chronic pain. Several years later she also overcame symptoms of chronic Lyme, as well as a bad exposure to mold. She has three daughters (something that was said to be impossible) and is passionate about helping other people experience greater healing.

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Create a Strategic Calendar

As I said, your cleaning routine shouldn’t take place over a single day. Be realistic and think about your future self. Evans suggests focusing your attention on one room or task at a given time, much like time batching. “Vacuum/clean all your floors or do all your laundry in one day,” she encourages. “That’ll shorten up your daily room-by-room routine. Using the time-delay feature on your washer can also help get more laundry done while you sleep.”

She also promotes the idea that cleaning can be reframed as interval training. The goal is to do as much as possible in a short period of time. Evans explains how it’s done:

“Every day you pick a room, assign a household member to it, and dedicate 5-15 minutes to cleaning it. The amount of time required depends on the size and scope. The idea is to spend some time every day, rather than a large, overwhelming chunk once a week. You can forget about perfection. Good enough is good enough, and it’ll get better the more you practice.”

Invest in beautiful, non-toxic cleaning products

IYKYK—in the spirit of curating a healthy home and limiting our exposure to endocrine disruptors—we’re You can also find out more about the following:You can also find out more about Non-toxic cleaning agents. Not only does ditching chemical-laden cleaners ensure a safer home environment, but the “clean” replacement products often smell better, too. (Creating a sensory experience is a key step to romanticizing anything.)

Before I invested in a clean, sustainable arsenal of products for my under-sink cupboard, it left much to desire. It was impossible to use anything that my phthalates-filled bottles touched without first airing them out. Instead of a cracked plastic washing bin, I now have a French laundry basketI love. Spend your money on things you use regularly.

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Habit Stack

It’s one of our favorite ways to tackle any goal. Habit stackingAddition is the process of adding an additional behavior to one that you already do. Saying three positive affirmationsWhile brushing your teeth, look in the mirror. Evans enjoys applying the technique while cleaning and finishing things off with a mask. She listens to a podcast or an audiobook. Ready to feel motivated and inspired to tackle that cleaning task you’ve been putting off? Try adopting any of these habits.

  • Press play to listen to a podcast. Follow Evans’ advice and listen to a High-vibe fave or the audiobook you’ve been dying to get to the end of. Use this time to indulge a little. true crime.
  • Put on a facial mask. I’m obsessed with Evans’ tip and love the idea of doing double-time with my skincare while I scrub. Hydrating face maskDuring winter, these are a necessity.
  • Strap on your Bala bracelets.It is a good idea to use a different language. Finally, Buy the product Bala bangles everyone’s obsessed over for years—and yes, I’m now a believer myself. If you can’t make it to your mat, add a little resistance to what’s already a functional workout. Prepare to sweat.

Slow Down and Savor

This is where the mind-set comes in. While I love Evans’ idea of interval training when I’m short on time, I also try to be present and purposeful in my cleaning. If you have the time, try lighting a CandlesIn the room before cleaning. Open the window if it’s nice outside and let in some fresh air. Yes, the goal is to work toward a clean and tidy space, but it’s also about learning to enjoy the process along the way. When you’re done, set a vase of flowers or cut branches on a previously-cluttered surface. I like to see it as a gift to me and the space.

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Give Yourself Grace

Along the way, express gratitude. A sometimes messy home is an inevitability of life, and it’s a reminder to embrace every day as perfectly imperfect. Maybe you didn’t have time to tackle the laundry over the weekend as you planned to, or perhaps the junk drawer is earning its name. When hiccups occur in your daily routine, you can choose to be kind and understanding. You can then proceed in the way that suits you best at that time.

Last but not least, remember that messes happen for a reason. As Evans says, “I like to take the mindset of thankfulness by remembering how much I love and am grateful for the mess-makers in my life.” Instead of getting annoyed at your kids’ clutter or partner’s stack of papers, express gratitude for their presence in your home and the life and love they bring to your space.


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